Tips from the Pro at Martindale Country Club

This year, take a look in your golf bag and be sure you have what you need to play your best.  I often look at the equipment in our bag storage area to find many members are using equipment that is clearly antiquated and unfit for play.  We currently have a member, age 93, with a Stiff Steel-Shafted 2-Iron in his bag.  Not the best option available......

You don't have to purchase new equipment to update your set.  Used equipment can be inexpensive and help considerably.  Take a look at your scoring clubs.....update wedges with the proper lofts & bounce angles.  Also, get a properly fit Driver!  Getting off the tee is key.  There are a number of options available and a professional can help you at no cost (me).  One tip, always hit the clubs outside so that you can see the ball flight yourself vs. trusting a "simulator" inside.  They tend to "stretch the truth" a bit. 

Best of luck this season!!!!  And remember, if you are struggling, contact your local PGA Professional who can help you get back on track.

Nick Glicos
PGA Director of Golf/Co-Owner
Martindale Country Club